Elgon has wasted no time in investing in Microsoft’s Cloud services and technology. This expertise allows us to help you set up secure solutions integrated with your environment.

Our expertise covers the 3 following cornerstones:

  • IaaS: Infrastructure As A Service
  • PaaS: Plateform As A Service
  • Saas: Software As A Service

Elgon’s services are based on Microsoft solutions in a full cloud or hybrid environment in the following areas:

  • Offices 365:

    o  Messaging and Calendar services based on Microsoft Exchange

    o  Sharing and collaboration via “OneDrive for Business”

    o  Unified and universal communication via “Skype for Business”

    o  Enterprise social networking via Yammer

    o  Microsoft Office 2016, etc.

  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Service enabling integration with your environment:

    o  Infrastructure:

    - Setting up of Azure virtual machines for different departments (Development, Test, Quality, Production, etc.)

    - VPN, Backup, Site Replication & Recovery services, etc.

    o  Plateform:

    - Installation / Migration of services in the cloud to benefit from standard SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services, Websites service platforms, etc.

    o  Software :

    - Via Azure services

    - Via the Azure Marketplace, etc.

  • Private Cloud Service (outsourced or in-house) based on the following technologies:

    o  Hyper-V / VMware virtualization

    o  System Center

    o  VDI