The opening up of IT to the outside world to provide users with services, the implementation of cloud solutions (full cloud or hybrid cloud) and the way in which attacks have developed over recent years have meant that security needs to be viewed from an entirely different angle:

  • Identity and Authentication: based on the latest major attacks, identity screening and the setting up of reliable authentication methods have become a necessity.
  • Data protection: company data protection is becoming essential with multi-device access, access from personal devices, etc.
  • Threat resistance: for highly secure workstations, it should only be possible to execute validated and signed applications.
  • Device security: for maximum protection, solutions must be implemented which use both hardware and system components (isolation of critical processes using hardware virtualisation, etc.)

The day-to-day monitoring of security needs enables Elgon to provide the best solutions and integrate the company’s production requirements. Our comprehensive expertise has allowed us to adapt very quickly to this new approach:

  • Mobile device management and security:

o   Microsoft EMS, Intune, MobileIron

  • Use of new Windows 10 security functions:

o   Microsoft Passport,

o   Device Guard,

o   Virtualisation of critical components,

o   Applications signature (device lockdown)

o   …

  • Authentication :

o   Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, etc.

o   Federation with Claim-based authentication (ADFS)

o   2-factor Authentication (smartcard, via telephone, biometrics, etc.)

  • Setting up of PKI solution

o   Including the certificate management process

  • Safeguarding and classification of information:

o   Data encryption, bitlocker, Azure AD RMS, etc.

  • Access protection:

o   Firewall, reverse proxy (Checkpoint, Sophos, Kemp, etc.)

o   VPN