The recent release of Windows 10 and the need to manage different devices, the need to provide applications whatever the customer device or the access location and the latest security risks mean solutions must be put in place for managing the customer’s IT environment.

Since it was created, Elgon has been highly proficient in using the tools to provide these services, namely:
  • Migration Systems and deployment for Windows 10
  • Securing the customer’s workstation:

    o  Bitlocker, Endpoint protection, etc.

    o  Application control (AppLocker, device lockdown in Windows 10, etc.)

    o  Compliancy

  • Inventory
  • Patch software update management
  • Application packaging and deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Device Management (IOS, Windows Phone 10, Windows 10, Android, etc.)
  • Provision of applications via the best technologies:

    o  Deployment on devices

    o  VDI

    o  Remote Desktop Services

    o  App-V

    o  Med-V

Our expertise is based on the following solutions:

  • Microsoft System Center
  • Microsoft Enterprise Management Suite / Microsoft Intune
  • MobileIron