The mobility and use of different customer devices (Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) associated with the growing need for collaboration and communication have prompted IT services to provide tools to meet these requirements whilst maximising productivity.

Ever since it was created, Elgon has provided companies with its expertise based on Microsoft solutions, namely Exchange Server and Lync / Skype for Business. What’s more, our investment in the Cloud Office 365 environment allows us to set up the best solution for your company, whether it is on-premises, cloud or hybrid, based on:
  • Microsoft Exchange Server for messaging and calendar services, etc.
  • Skype for Business for instant messaging, voice and video and conferencing services, integration with telephone services, opening up to the outside world (interoperability with Skype, etc.)
  • Office 365 for Cloud and/or Hybrid solutions whilst guaranteeing our customers maximum security and integration.

Our expertise enables us to design and implement complex solutions integrated with your existing architecture:
  • Cisco integration
  • Federation with third-party solutions via XMPP
  • Hybrid environments (including integration with on-premises telephony)