Azure / Azure VMware Solution / Windows Virtual Desktop

In the digitalization era cloud technologies are great business enablers for the organisations to accelerate innovation, time to market and create competitive advantages. At the same time, using the cloud can help avoid the large capex investments that are typical for hardware renewal cycles, freeing up cash for business initiatives, and allowing for more business agility in a changing economy.

Azure is a huge platform and we are happy to support you while building your Cloud journey. Inspired by our customers we developed several cloud offerings:

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The methodology used by Elgon to identify workloads to be migrated from an on-premises Data Centre to the public cloud starts with an assessment to separate the perfect cloud candidates from the legacy environment that cannot be migrated or needs more effort to be transformed.

Azure secure migration

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework is a working methodology that Elgon has adapted to the size and challenges of the Luxembourgian IT landscape : we know that moving to the Cloud in not only a technology matter and we want to support our customers in their whole journey from the : strategy definition, planning, ready for migration, up to the cloud adoption and innovation. Two important pillars of our services offering are related to the cloud governance and the cloud security. For every client we build their own Cloud Adoption Framework based on the business and IT specificities. 

Windows Virtual Desktop as a Service

Windows Virtual Desktop can be defined as a “born in the cloud” VDI solution, which provides the only Office 365 ProPlus and Microsoft Store App support while using the exclusively built Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session operating system. WVD offers the possibility to virtualize Desktops and Applications, while delivering a unique integration in your on-premises end-user workloads; security, high availability and the necessary infrastructure are built in by default. We support our customers with end-to-end activities starting with assessment, design, proof of concept, migration up to using WVD as a Service.

Azure VMware Solution

For the enterprise grade organizations, Microsoft and VMware created Azure VMware Solution, a cloud service that lets you run VMware natively on Azure. Azure VMware Solution is the smoothest way to start with the public cloud deployments while connecting VMware based Data Centre workloads with the power of Azure. Azure VMware Solution combines VMware's Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) software with Microsoft's Azure global cloud service ecosystem. Azure VMware Solution is managed to meet performance, availability, security, and compliance requirements. At Elgon we already implemented AVS to help our customers to extend their on-premises Data Centre towards Azure, a Hyper Scale Cloud.