As hosting needs continue to evolve, integration and the interoperability of a given environment with its public cloud services are becoming increasingly essential. Anticipating such developments, Elgon are able to offer you a solution that fully meets these requirements.

Our hosting solution employs the use of Microsoft Azure technology and can be broken down as follows:

  • Infrastructure hosted in a data centre in Luxembourg involving the use of Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • A hosting solution using Microsoft Azure public cloud services.

Such a strategy simultaneously ensures full interoperability between the section hosted in Luxembourg and the section located in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Furthermore, the range of services used means we are able to offer this solution within the framework of our managed services.

Why go with Elgon for your IT hosting needs?

  • A hybrid solution:
    Our solution allows you to deploy your environment as part of a hybrid architecture (on-premises, data centre in Luxembourg, Microsoft Azure public cloud) and to reap the benefits from each hosting in order to obtain a more secure, more flexible solution.
  • Interoperability and scalability
    We made the decision to go with the Microsoft Azure Stack solution for the data centre in Luxembourg: this solution ensures full interoperability and scalability with Microsoft Azure, allowing you to use any cloud services you may require.
  • A fullymanaged solution
    The choice of using new cloud tools for the purposes of monitoring and managing your environment on a daily basis allows us to offer a unique solution in operational management covering the Microsoft Azure environment, our Microsoft Azure Stack data centre in Luxembourg and your environment.