Developed in such a way that each of our participants do benefit from the best training conditions aligned with their availability, their needs and their preferences our 3 different methodologies allow you to optimise your learning and to evolve more serenely and more effectively.


Are you looking for face-to-face training, favouring the mutual aid between participants and the exchange around perspectives of evolution?  Opt for Instructor-led training.

  • Face-to-face and totally customisable courses.
  • Group-based training around a set topic or technology.
  • Predefined schedules and topics.

Personalised follow-up with your expert trainer.


Do you wish to do a flexible training course, at your own pace?  Do you want to benefit from maximum availability from the trainer to be able to deepen the points on which you feel the need to progress?  The Coaching Training methodology is for you.

  • Personalised coaching by a certified trainer.
  • Customised training dedicated to your development and your personal follow-up.
  • Learning through different media (audio, video, practical cases...).
  • One session guaranteed each month for extra flexibility and to facilitate registration.
  • Only valid for Microsoft training.


Do you prefer distance learning while enjoying the same benefits offered by face-to-face courses, particularly in terms of exchanges and opportunities to ask questions?  Choose Virtual Training!

  • A course via webcam.
  • Live interactions with the trainer and other students.

Economic, flexible and accessible to all, including trainees.

Different locations but close to the trainer!

Contrary to popular belief, distance learning can create more links and proximity between trainees and trainers through a collective and collaborative platform.