Date de publication : 20.04.2020

Windows Virtual Desktop: High Availability for a multi-session experience at a glance

Since it´s general availability in September 2019, Microsoft´s cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform "Windows Virtual Desktop" becomes more popular – especially in times of the Corona Virus and home working.  

In this article, Patrick Köhler, Cloud expert at Elgon wants to explain to you the technology behind this solution and what it can do to drive your business to a highly available, scalable and personalized multi-user experience for your end-users! 

But first, we should clarify, what is Windows Virtual Desktop and how can it help your organization?  

Generally, Microsoft describes the service as a desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the cloud, but actually it delivers much more than that.  
This technology enables your users to collaborate on one or more virtual machines in the cloud simultaneously, which is optimized for the usage of the full Office365 suite including OneDrive and Teams, as well as Microsoft Store applications. 
The simplified infrastructure lets you provide desktops and applications within minutes without caring for complex gateway servers or requirements in your infrastructure. Besides, you can publish as many Host Pools to your environment as needed to accommodate your workloads. With the possibility to bring your own image to the cloud, Windows Virtual Desktop is compliant with your local policies and comes with all business-related applications installed on it.  

Regardless if your users are FirstLine workers on the road, or just forced to provide performance from the home office or the coffee shop on the next corner, Windows Virtual Desktop provides your users with a highly available platform to increase your productivity on any device your IT department equips your users.  

Elgon´s specialists successfully performed first migrations of different sizes from various VDI solutions to Windows Virtual Desktop and could guide you from the first assessment until the realization with individual service for your cloud optimization.  

Contact us still today to see what Windows Virtual Desktop can do for your business.

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